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Universal Measuring Technology for Paints and Varnishes

In the last few years, the possible applications for functional, decorative paints and varnishes have grown many times over. Fischer as pioneer of industrial coating thickness measurement influenced this development with metrological innovations decisively. Whether the precise determination of the thickness of paint and powder coatings or the testing of mechanical properties such as surface hardness – Fischer offers a wide range of measurement technology for a wide variety of requirements.

Accurate and Precise Measurement of Paint and Varnish Coatings with the New MMS® Inspection DFT

  • Measuring ranges: 0 – 2500 μm on FE; 0 – 2000 μm on NF
  • High reliability even when measuring very thin layers: 0 – 100 µm: ≤  1.0 µm; 100 – 1000 µm: ≤ 1.5 %; 1000 – 2500 µm: ≤ 3.0 %
  • Due to integrated dual probe, the gauge automatically selects the correct measurement method: magnetic induction method or amplitude sensitive eddy current method (with patented conductivity compensation)
  • Among others, measurement of paint, varnish or plastic coatings on steel and iron as well as on aluminium or brass (ISO/FE, NF/FE, ISO/NF)
  • Scan mode with 70 readings per minute

Measuring Precision to Ensure Functionality

Varnish and powder coatings often serve as surface protection. To ensure their functionality, layer thickness and other material properties must be exactly correct. Hardness and elasticity are also decisive for possible applications of entire components.

Your Specialist for Every Measurement Task

Fischer offers easy-to-use measurement devices for the determination and characterization of paint applications and varnish layers – on rough base materials as well. Even the quality of extremely thin coatings such as protective coatings on glasses can be identified with powerful microhardness gauges.