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PROBE FS40ID605-209


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Electrical conductivity probe for SGMASCOPE® SMP350

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Deliverable within 48h

Product review summary

Plug-in cabled eddy current probe for measuring the specific electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals according to DIN EN 2004-1 and ASTM E 1004.

Areas of application:
- Sorting materials
- Conclusions about heat damage and material fatigue
- Conclusions about material hardness and tensile strength
- Determining the purity of metals
- Measure for the quality of alloys
- Evaluation of thermally-sprayed coatings FS40LF, additionally optimized for authenticity testing of coins and small precious-metal ingots
- Measurement frequencies of 60, 120, 240 and 480 kHz
- With integrated temperature sensor for automatic normalization of the conductivity values to 20°C

Cable length: 1.15 m

Price includes Cu calibration standard (without certificate). In order to function as a complete measurement system, this probe requires a Fischer measuring instrument.

Can be connected to the following instruments: SIGMASCOPE® SMP350

Technical Specification
Measurement Method Phase-Sensitive Eddy Current
Base Non-Ferrous Metals
Probe Design Axial Single Tip Probe