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Electrical conductivity measurement made easy

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Product review summary

Hand-held eddy current conductivity tester for NF-metals with automatic normalization of the conductivity values to 20°C through temperature sensor.

- Windows CE operating system with large touchscreen and displayable keyboard
- Individually adaptable user interface
- Very simple calibration via user prompts
- Simple management of measuring applications with user-definable file and folder structure
- Memory for several thousand measuring applications and several thousand readings.
- Individual consideration of the electrical conductivity's temperature coefficient, applicable for each material
- Automatic measurement acquisition in free running mode or with external start
- Graphical presentation of specification limits
- Extensive statistical evaluation of test series with date/time stamp as well as computation of Cp, Cpk and histogram presentation
- Manual temperature input
- Monitoring of temperature changes over time (?T/?t)
- Factory-provided master calibration with 8 standards at 20°C
- Acoustic signal for measurement acquisition and violation of specification limits
- Various languages available

Technical Data:
- Measurements pursuant to standards ASTM E 1004 and DIN EN 2004-1
- Different measurement frequencies from 15 kHz up to 2 MHz depending on the probe
- Measurement range: 0.5-65 MS/m or 1-112 %IACS
- Measurement precision at ambient temperature: ± 0.5% of reading
- Lift-off compensation to 500 µm
- Smallest diameter measurement area without noticeable influence on the reading: 13 mm
- Probe-internal or optional external temperature sensor
- USB communication and printer port

Technical Specification
Application Elektrischen Leitfähigkeit von Nichteisenmetallen
Electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals