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Coating thickness measurement on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Deliverable within 48h

Product review summary

Robust and powerful – the hand-held device for the simple coating thickness measurement on steel and non-ferrous metals. 

- Drop resistant, dustproof and hose water protected (IP65) 
- One-hand operation via 4 buttons for optimal work 
- Three-point support for precise measurement in every situation 
- Non-slip rubberized surface for the perfect feel 
- Feedback by light, sound and vibration 
- High-contrast, rotating display for every viewing angle 
- Long-lasting probe pole for permanently reliable measurement results 
- USB interface for secure and fast data transmission 
- Intuitive menu navigation allows easy handling even by untrained personnel 
- Graphical operation guides conduct the user through each process step 
- Dual probe allows measurement on every relevant surface 
- Measuring range from 0 – 2500 µm on FE and 0 – 2000 µm on NF 
- Memory space for 10,000 readings 

Delivery scope: 
- Device incl. probe 
- Operations manual 
- Substrate FE-Base and NF-Base 
- Calibration foils 
- Interface cable 
- Carrying loop 
- 2 batteries LR6.AA 
- Manufacturer's certificate

Technical Specification
Measurement Method Magnetic Induction
Eddy Current
Application Zinc; chromium; copper coatings on steel or iron (NF\FE)
Paint; varnish or plastic coatings on steel or iron (ISO\FE)
Anodized coatings on aluminium (ISO\NF)
Paint; varnish or plastic coatings on aluminium; copper or brass (ISO\NF)
Coating Electrically Non-Conductive
Non-Ferrous Metals
Base Ferromagnetic Metals
Non-Ferrous Metals
General Features Conforms to IP 65; dust-tight and water repellant and resistant
Optical; haptical and acoustic feedback for tolerance limit monitoring
Memory for max. 10000 readings in 1 batch
Data memory for up to 100 calibrations
Display of the most significant statistical values (number of measurements; mean value; standard deviation; min; max; range)
Display of specific values
Tolerance monitoring
Graphical evaluation
Measuring Modes DIN EN ISO 2178
ASTM D7091
Probe Integrated probe