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Highest Measuring Precision for the Electronics Industry

The electronics industry is characterized by a continuing trend towards miniaturization and increasing functional integration. This also increases the quality assurance requirements. For example, in printed circuit board manufacturing, coatings down to the nanometer range must be analyzed. Lead frames, in particular, have multiple thin layers of gold, palladium, nickel and copper. These layers may be only a few nanometers thick.

Discover the Fischer Portfolio – Highest Precision for Complex Measuring Tasks

  • High frequency probe FTA3.3-5.6HF in combination with the handheld ISOSCOPE® and DUALSCOPE® instruments of the FMP family – ideal to inspect conformal coatings and to check the thickness of solder resist lacquers on PCB copper
  • Easy, precise measurement of copper thickness in plated PCB through-holes with the specialized probes ESL080B and ESL080V used in conjunction with FISCHER eddy current instruments such as the PHASCOPE® PMP10. Click here to find out more.
  • Quick and repeatable determination of extremely thin coatings by using the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDV®-SDD measurement system, equipped with SDD. Click here to find out more.

Difficult Measuring Tasks Easily Solved


In order to measure the thinnest coatings on assembled and non-assembled printed circuit boards as well as complex multilayer coating systems on lead frames, precise and accurate measuring instruments are required.

Trust in Know-how and Quality


Fischer draws upon decades of experience in the electronics sector. Our portfolio includes solutions for circuit boards, wafers, plug contacts, wiring and other components that are specifically customized to the needs of these special measurement tasks.