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For Heavy Corrosion Protection and Beyond

Corrosion is the naturally occurring reaction of material such as metal with its environment. Exposing metal to aggressive weather will degrade the function of the component or system. Fischer offers reliable measurement technology for the non-destructive testing of corrosion protection coatings and acid-resistant surfaces in the sector of chemistry, petrochemistry, shipbuilding, infrastructure, offshore wind farms and many more sectors.

The New MMS® Inspection Series – for Every Phase in Heavy Corrosion Protection

  • Coating thickness measurement of paint, varnish, plastics etc. on steel and iron as well as on aluminum (DFT)
  • Check of the surface profile (SPG)
  • Determination of all climate parameters relevant for coating processes (DPM)
  • Drop resistant, dustproof and water jet resistant housings according to IP65
  • One-hand operation via 4 seized pressure points for optimal work even with gloves

Reduce Costs


Every year, the economic loss caused by corrosion is more than $ 2.5 trillion (NACE International, impact.nace.org, 2016). Protection against environmental influences is about maintaining value and therefore, it is one of the most important aspects in the construction of roads, bridges, ships and factories.

Always Accurately Equipped


Whether on the high seas in very harsh conditions or in the shipyard – you always get reliable results. Fischer gauges are efficient, safe and intuitive to use. As diverse the requirement of heavy corrosion protection is, as extensive is our product portfolio.