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Highest Quality for Automotive Engineering

Fischer offers powerful measuring instruments for the quality control of functional and decorative coatings in vehicle construction. In view of narrow tolerance limits for the coating thickness, various basic materials as well as difficult-to-reach measuring positions, the automotive industry places high demands on measuring instruments. Taking this fact into account, Fischer has already developed numerous tailor-made solutions for the automotive industry.

FMP Device Series – the Flexible Solution for Your Measurement Applications

  • Fast and non-destructive measurement on steel or iron (F) and on non-ferrous metals (NF)
  • Measurement of duplex coatings (lacquer/zinc) on steel with seperate display of the lacquer and zinc coatings (DUALSCOPE® FMP20 and FMP40)
  • More than 70 various high-precision probes for even the most sophisticated measurement applications
  • Supports measurements according to IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA2, QUALANOD and QUALICOAT
  • Evaluation and documentation of the readings on PC using the powerful FISCHER DataCenter Software

It's Not Just the Look that Matters

Automotive lacquer finishes protect vehicle bodywork against different effects – for example against temperature, moisture or salt. Moreover, it meets decorative requirements. Coating thicknesses and mechanical properties of the finish are decisive for their function.

The Right Solution for Every Requirement

Fischer measurement devices are ideal for the quality control of lacquer finishes. Relevant characteristics such as surface hardness, scratch resistance and further mechanical properties are determined with certainty.