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Precise, Accurate and Reliable – Gauges Designed for Aerospace

In aerospace, safety and reliability are more important than in any other industry. Highest standards must be placed on quality assurance because the slightest fault on the electronics can have fatal consequences. Therefore, trust in proven Fischer measuring technology. The portfolio involves long-term stable measuring instruments predestinated for high-reliability applications in the aerospace industry.

SIGMASCOPE® SMP350 – Measure the Electrical Conductivity of Non-ferrous Metals

  • SMP350 with probe FS40 fulfills Boeing specification BAC 5651
  • Among others, suitable for: quality assurance and sorting of raw materials; assessing hardness and strength of heat-treated materials; inspecting for heat damage, material fatigue and cracks
  • Consideration of each material's conductivity-related temperature coefficient
  • Measurements pursuant to ASTM E 1004 and DIN EN 2004-1

Highest Measuring Precision for Highest Technology Demands


In such a sensitive industry, customers have the highest demands concerning quality, safety and reliability. That's why the companies have to go up to their limits day by day.

Quality of the Quality Leader


Fischer is the partner to keep their quality at a constant high level. Whether precise knowledge of the properties of plastics under different thermal conditions is required. Or whether the lead content in solder joints should be tested.